2020 Future Cast

Next week I’m offering my “2020 Future Cast” to our Leading Congregations Monthly members, our final session in this series. We’ll discuss top tech and communication trends that are shaping your community, your congregation and the context within which you are doing ministry today. Professional Groups / Chapters To my religious professional colleagues, I’m bookingContinue reading “2020 Future Cast”

OCTOBER 9: Mastering Your Plan a Visit Strategy

Too many people thinking about visiting your congregation never follow through. You can help people interested in your congregation follow through and have a fantastic visit.  But it means proactively helping them plan their visit, offering clear instruction, resource, and support. How do you do this? We’re talking “Plan a Visit Strategy” October 9th!

The Future of Facebook, Congregations, and Meaningful Community

Does your congregation use Facebook?  If so, you need to be tracking changes to Facebook that are going to impact your strategy.  I discussed the announced changes and the implications in my UU Planet Leaders Facebook Group. The recording is below. Make sure to subscribe to email updates so you can join the live conversation!Continue reading “The Future of Facebook, Congregations, and Meaningful Community”

On Digital Culture and Congregational Membership

Happy Friday friends. Facebook LIVE office hours (1/18/19) answering some of your questions about digital culture and congregational membership development. UPCOMING EVENTS:  See below for 3 upcoming events, 2 Boston area, one online! Wed, Jan 23 – Metro West RE Cluster – “Spiritual Life in the Digital Age” I’m leading program for our local clusterContinue reading “On Digital Culture and Congregational Membership”

NEW: Leading Congregations Monthly LIVE

Friends, my new LIVE monthly training program has launched! Join us to participate in monthly live trainings sessions designed to help you lead and grow your congregation. You may also access session recordings and supporting materials in our member area.  It has never been easier to infuse your congregation with new ideas, strategies, and energy. LearnContinue reading “NEW: Leading Congregations Monthly LIVE”