2020 Future Cast

Next week I’m offering my “2020 Future Cast” to our Leading Congregations Monthly members, our final session in this series. We’ll discuss top tech and communication trends that are shaping your community, your congregation and the context within which you are doing ministry today. Professional Groups / Chapters To my religious professional colleagues, I’m bookingContinue reading “2020 Future Cast”

November 13: Congregations, Harness the Power of Your Podcast! 

Harness The Power of Your Podcast! Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at 7pm EST Sessions are 60 minutes in duration Many leaders fear audio podcasts keep people from visiting. The opposite is true! Audio podcasts are frequently used to evaluate congregations, including deciding to visit and ultimately join.  Podcasts also help existing members and volunteers stay engaged.Continue reading “November 13: Congregations, Harness the Power of Your Podcast! “

OCTOBER 9: Mastering Your Plan a Visit Strategy

Too many people thinking about visiting your congregation never follow through. You can help people interested in your congregation follow through and have a fantastic visit.  But it means proactively helping them plan their visit, offering clear instruction, resource, and support. How do you do this? We’re talking “Plan a Visit Strategy” October 9th!

Training Greeters with Peter Bowden

If you’re like me, you care deeply about helping people connect with great congregations.  An essential part of this process is having fantastic greeters.   That’s the focus of my August 14th Leading Congregations Monthly session.  I hope you’ll join us! Topic:  Training Greeters (Worship Greeters) Presenter:  Peter Bowden Date and Time: On-demand Duration: 60Continue reading “Training Greeters with Peter Bowden”

The Ministry of Communication

Friends, my session on “The Ministry of Communication” has been posted to our Leading Congregation’s Monthly member area.   Details below.  ~ Peter Topic: The Ministry of Communication Presenter:  Peter Bowden When:   COMPLETED Duration:  60 Minutes Program Members:  Go to this module New Members: Learn more and enroll The goal of this session is toContinue reading “The Ministry of Communication”