Technology is changing how people connect, learn and make decisions and this is having a huge impact on congregations. To thrive in today’s world, religious communities need to understand these changes and to learn new strategies and skills — and church leaders love learning with Peter Bowden! 

Known for his contagious enthusiasm and practical congregational know-how, since 2002  Peter has been training clergy, staff, and volunteer leaders across the United States.

Today his work is focused on how faith communities across religious traditions are integrating digital culture and congregational life.


Peter brings extensive media experience to his trainings.  For over a decade he worked as a television producer and educator on multiple nationally syndicated PBS  programs.

He worked with bi-vocationally with congregations and television until the social media revolution made digital communication available to congregations. Ever since he has been training clergy, staff and volunteer leaders to harness the power of today’s communication tools.

Raised a Unitarian Universalist, Peter specializes in working with Unitarian Universalist congregations, and leaders seeking to learn from his work and research.

Whether it is focused on social media, navigating size transitions, or launching a new small group program or entrepreneurial ministry project, Peter delivers practical hands-on knowledge with a fun and joyful spirit.

To better help congregations keep pace with changing technology and culture, Peter is bringing his education online. Get ready for new online courses, free video tips and challenges, and other resources for congregational leaders!

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