June 12: Congregational Communication Audits

Hey friends!  My upcoming training is on a much requested topic – assessing communications and communication audits!

Who wants to waste massive amounts of time, energy, and resources on communications that aren’t having an impact?

Assessing communications is more important than ever given the number of channels we have, and the ongoing impact of smartphones and other digitial devices!

In this session I’ll cover what communication audits are, why they need to be conducted, how to conduct one in-house, and other considerations and resources.

Details below!

Topic:  Congregational Communication Audits

Peter Bowden

Date and Time:
June 12th at 7:00 pm EST

Duration: 90 minutes including presentation and Q&A

Where: Live via Zoom Webinar with the recording posted in our Leading Congregations Monthly member area after the training.  Login to our member area and you’ll see the live session information highlighted front and center.

Video: I’m on camera, you’re not. You can watch in your pajamas if you want.

Registration: This training is part of my monthly training series.  Here are all the details.  The Zoom access info is waiting for you in the member area.  You’ll see it as soon as you log in.

If you want to join for THIS SESSION ONLY, join the program and then after the training go to your PayPal account and to manage to your subscriptions payments.  You don’t even have to contact me to cancel.

You’ll have 30 days access to the entire member area and training archive including all past sessions – see below – and bonus content.

Enroll in Leading Congregations Monthly 

Peter Bowden. Screenshot from May Leading Congregations Monthly training


The Ministry of Communication
Wednesday, July 10th at 7pm EST
With a focus on digital communication and congregational life, we’re talking staffing, coordination, and collaboration.

Training Greeters (Sunday Greeters)
Wednesday, August 14th at 7pm EST
Getting ready for the Fall, we’re talking greeter training.  Fromn what they need to do and know to how many to have and other considerations.


  • Session 1: Video Message Bootcamp
    Social video is huge!  Every major marketing guru I get emails from has been writing for the last few years that video is where its at.  This session focuses on helping you use simple video messages to engage with newcomers, members and friends.  If you aren’t using video to communicate yet, this is for you!
  • Session 2:  How the Fastest Growing Churches in the USA Use Facebook
    How are the fastest Christian churches in the United States using Facebook?  They are using Facebook to show newcomers exactly what it is going to be like when they visit and cheerlead them every step of the way with lots of exlamation points, emojis, and compelling “we’re nice people” photos and reminders that life isn’t meant to be lived alone.  We look at examples of specifc Facebook posts and talk strategy.
  • Session 3: Small Group Growth Strategies
    Interested in congregational growth?  Using small groups to intentionally grow is one of my favorite strategies!  Drawing on my years of small group experience, proven success growing small groups, and years of training as the founder of the UU Small Group Ministry Network, I’ll tell you how to using small groups for growth.
  • Session 5: Twitter Strategy Essentials for Congregations
    I share my top Twitter strategies for congregations, when I call essentials.  From promoting participation in your services to rockin’ hashtags and amplifying your impact at social justice events.  On Twitter?  You’ll love this!  Not on Twitter?  This may make you want to sign up!


Whether you join just for this month’s training or remain a member, you get access to this bonus content while you are enrolled.

  • Bonus 1: Peter’s Volunteer Recruitment Mini-Course
  • Bonus 2:  Peter’s popular Social Media and Membership Growth Course

If any of that interests you,  join us.  

Talk soon,

Enroll in Leading Congregations Monthly

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