Healthy Congregations

Healthy Congregations: A systems theory approach

Last week Amy and I attended a Healthy Congregations™ Facilitator Training in St. Paul, MN at the Luther Seminary led by pastors Roger Schwarze and Bill Strom.   Though  familiar with Peter Steinke’s work and book, Healthy Congregations (Alban),  it was great exploring systems theory and congregational life with the small interfaith group of assembled participants.  I will be offering my first related training this month for the Ballou Channing District of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Very often congregations wait until there is conflict to bring in consultants.  The Healthy Congregations workshops offer training for leadership that you might characterize as preventive maintenance. Healthy Congregations workshops are designed to help congregational leaders:

  •  Gain a renewed sense of purpose and mission
  •  Cultivate strong leadership capacities push their congregations to new levels
  •  Learn how to develop healthy patterns of living together in community
  •  Learn to focus on strength, resources, and options for the future
  •  Boost confidence in responding to challenges and opportunities
  •  Reflect theologically about relationships
  •  Move the congregation toward healthy functioning

As trained Healthy Congregations facilitators  Amy and I are available to lead Healthy Congregations workshops for individual congregations.  We’re looking forward to weaving these offerings into our work with congregations.  Below is some basic information about Healthy Congregations including a short video overview.  You may also read more on their website,

Interested in organizing a Healthy Congregations workshop with us?  Email or give us a call.

~ Peter 

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What is Healthy Congregations?     

The following is an excerpt from the HC website:

Healthy Congregations is an ecumenical and interfaith organization that takes seriously the times that we live in and the challenges of thinking more clearly about families, congregations, and leadership.

Healthy Congregations, Inc. offers resources and training that are based on a view of life that looks at communities as living systems that incorporate thinking, feeling, responsibility, and purpose. 

Making use of the contributions of leaders in the field of Bowen family systems theory and congregational life, Healthy Congregations, Inc. has created educational resources and leadership development material designed with the purpose of encouraging healthier, clearer and deeper individual and community life.