Peter Bowden

Peter Bowden

A ministry & media consultant with a passion for social media, small groups, and collaborative ministry, Peter is known nationally within the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (UUA) for his work, and is a popular keynote speaker and workshop leader.

For over a decade he has worked bi-vocationally with both congregations and as a producer on multiple nationally syndicated television shows.

After marrying a parish minister, the Rev. Amy Freedman, and the launch of Youtube in 2005,  Peter determined that instead of seminary and parish ministry, he could do more to serve congregations by helping them harness the communication and collaboration tools of our time.  Following this alternative  path, he studied digital media production through Boston University and has been working at the intersection of ministry, media and changing culture ever since.

Raised a Unitarian Universalist, Peter has worked for the UUA’s development department,  youth ministry office, and has served as a UUA district consultant on congregational growth strategies, religious education, youth and young adult ministries.

Peter has a reputation for both his “contagious enthusiasm” and for being an engine for innovation within the Unitarian Universalist world.

Today he continues to develop innovative Unitarian Universalist projects with Amy and collaborators.  For details on all of these and future projects visit their UU Planet Media website.

Contact Peter

Peter Bowden
(617) 744-9784 Office


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