Gamifying Church

I just watched the following videos by Gamification expert, author and speaker, Gabe Zichermann.

If you, as a congregational leader,  want to understanding the coming generations, watch one of the following presentations.

At present we are, as Zichermann says, more disconnected from our youth than any other generation.  That’s right, the technological cultural differences between generations are greater than they have ever been. You still making phone calls?  Exactly.

While you watch Gabe’s talk, consider what “gamification” of your congregation and its ministry might look like.

TEDxKids@Brussels – Gabe Zichermann – Gamification

Fun is the Future: Mastering Gamification


2 thoughts on “Gamifying Church

  1. Christine Robinson says:

    Pretty major challenge.
    If I could endow the UUA with a hundred million, it would be to develop RE games. No clue as to how to gamify spiritual development for adults, or worship. What an interesting topic!

    • Peter Bowden says:

      Hi Christine, It is challenging. I think we can accomplish a great deal if we approach our ministry not with a “let’s make video games” mindset, but keep principles of PLAY, CHALLENGE, COLLABORATION and the like in mind. ~ Peter

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