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Event: UU Social Media and Membership Growth, October 4th, Colorado Springs, CO

Friends, here's details on a new event I'll be leading in Colorado Springs, CO.  This is open to anyone who is interested in the subject and can get there! These events, though locally hosted, are drawing people from across their regions. Please let … [Read More...]

General Assembly 2014

Peter and Amy at UUA’s 2014 General Assembly #UUAGA

This week Amy and I are attending the Unitarian Universalist Association's General Assembly in Providence, RI.  If you're attending, we hope to meet you there. Keep an eye out for us!  Information on how to contact us at GA is listed in our ad on … [Read More...]

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Welcoming in the Age of Social Media

I was recently interviewed by Donald Skinner of the Unitarian Universalist Association's Interconnections newsletter.  We discussed how social media and the web is changing how people learn about congregations, church shop, and make the decision to … [Read More...]

Small Group Ministry and Membership Webinar

Small Group Ministry and Membership Development Archived Webinar

Friends, my March webinar on Small Group Ministry and Membership co-sponsored by the UU Association of Member Professionals and the MidAmerica Region and Central East Regional Group of the UUA has been archived on Youtube.  Enjoy! … [Read More...]

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Inspiration for Worship Committees

Worship is the center of a religious community.  Folks who serve as worship leaders whether ordained, professional or volunteer are drawn to participate in the creation of services because we understand the value of worship.  Our lives have been … [Read More...]